Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Miss Isabelle

I adore my sweet kiddos...I also adore being a photographer....for a few hours each week clients allow be into their world...I am able to explore their children's personalities and capture those fleeting days of childhood. As I've been working this summer..it become increasingly apparent to me that it's been waaaay to long since I've had an entire session dedicated to one of our children. Here and there I steal a few minutes away with them usually in my garage to capture a few new images. ...but I want more!! :) So starting last Thursday on my day *off* (I've had a babysitter for the kiddos every Thursday this summer) I took Isabelle along with me for the day. We did a little shopping, took a TON of pictures...a real session folks...we enjoyed a nice lunch at Chef Burger...including a Strawberry milkshake...but most importantly it gave me 5 whole hours with my sweet Isabelle...we talked, we sang, we laughed and acted silly....I was in awe of her and only her for FIVE hours...it was complete bliss...just what the doctor ordered!! Here is a slideshow of Miss Isabelle....I'll also include a couple picture of her enjoying her milkshake at the bottom!! We walked out into the center of the Power and Light District and caught a little music as well..Isabelle couldn't help but dancing along!! :) Next up this Thursday...Grace!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I can't get over how grow-up she looks. Beautiful pictures as always! Amy