Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Potato Head Paparazzi

**Double Post....not sure how many of you check in on our I wanted to share this here too!! :) ~J

I'm not sure if I've mentioned yet...that one of our very FAVORITE gifts we got for Christmas was Mr. Potato Head (thank you Uncle Brian and Aunt Brooke) The kids could play for HOURS...well today we successfully put all four potato heads together (a feat because usually when we get one potato done, move on to second while Samuel destroys the first potato) So we get all four done and Isabelle YELLS....."Mom get your camera...take a picture!!" I think OK..that can be our picture of the day I run upstairs to fetch my camera.....and I come down to this....... my little Paparazzi...having a little photo shoot of their own!! LOL I could have died...I tried to snap some pictures as I controlled my laughter. Now looking at these I wish I would have had the video camera....they were changing their angles....Isabelle kept moving the potato head's in order to get *the shot*, they kept telling their models to "SMILE".... It was HILARIOUS!!! It makes a momma proud!! :)

*Samuel is still working on perfecting his skills....learning which way the camera is suppose to go is at the top of our list!! LOL

**Click on the collage to see it larger**


mitzi said...

Okay, this made my day. I love how Grace is checking the back of her camera to see what shot she just got. My kids do this all the time but they are bigger now so it just isn't as cute. I am so glad you captured this moment!!!

Jessica said...

you can totally tell when you have a photographer in the family... I've got 3 budding photogs as well... Will is constantly telling me to "Stop! SMILE!...UM...PERFECT!!!" It's priceless... He says it JUST like me. Just like he's pausing to look at the image... It's pretty cute! :) Love the pics, the kids look GREAT!

MaryBeth said...

What sweet pictures of your little guys! They look so intent on getting the perfect shot.... hummm, guess they've seen that somewhere before!?!

The Dairy Wife said...

I believe you're going to have partners someday. Sooo cute!


Kristen said...

Oh how cute is this? We love Mr Potato Heads, but always lose the pieces. :(