Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our little Crew....out having fun!!

I always take January off from work...a chance to re-group after the holidays and a chance to get ready for the year. We'll I was feeling the itch to get my camera back in my who better to photograph then my kids. Jared and I took them down to the Rivermarket. The Rivermarket is one of the favorite location of fellow photographer and friend Heather Morrow ( I wanted to see what all the buzz was about...and awww I see why she loves it...such an awesome urban setting!!! We just let the kids play and have fun and I tried to capture a little here and there...I'm very pleased with what I got. Here are a few of my favorite *group* pictures. I'll be back later with some individuals...and possibly an update about each of's been awhile!! :)


**Click on the Storyboard to see bigger...I love this series of the girls!! witness the relationship between these two is nothing short of magical...I find myself wondering how I ever survived without a sister!! :)


perilloparodies said...

Pardon the intrusion... i came across your site and just had to say how beautiful your kids are. the pictures you take are lovely and exactly what i imagine taking in my mind, but then i can never quite get them to come out like that with my simple digital camera. What a gift and treasured blessing children are. congratulations!!

MaryBeth said...

I love the storyboard photos of the girls! They are lovely!!

Whitney said...


Laney said...

LOVE all the updates and of course the pictures of your beautiful kids. You are so blessed!

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Thanks ladies....I appreciate all of your comments!! :) And welcome Celita...I'm glad you found me...not an intrusion at all!! :) I'm off to check out your blog!! :)

The Dairy Wife said...

This is for all the above post and pictures .... you are so blessed. They are beautiful. It's a great age isn't it?

Are our triplets the same age? Mine turned three in October.


Jennifer Mullinax said...

Thanks Tanya...I do feel so blessed..they are amazing. My kiddos won't be three until June!! :) ~J