Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3 Ladybugs & The Itsy Bitsy Spider

We had a jam packed Halloween....but ohhh it was so much fun!!! We ran around all morning going to Nana's office, Daddy's office & Big Papa and GG's house....and then tonight we enjoyed our very first *real*Trick or Treat. The kids picked up very quickly how this all worked....and even after working on saying trick or treat all day......Isabelle started running to people's doors and saying..."you have more candy for me?" We all had such a blast....but we are worn out. Here are a few pictures...may try to share more later!! Hope everyone had a Happy, Safe Halloween!!

Enjoy, Jen


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us use the frog and duck - we were a big hit. Hope we get to use the Spider and a Ladybug in a few years! ;)
They looked great!
Love, Erynn, Pat, Sean and Hadley

Anonymous said...

okay...that is the cutest picture ever of the kiddos walking down the street. LOVE the costumes. How adorable! Love, Amber

Laney said...

You've got some cute little bugs there! Nice job on those tutus.

See you tomorrow!