Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Dresses...

Family Dresses...Heirlooms...such treasures!!

Lucky for me our families have a couple that I've been able to photograph each of my daughters in. The purple and yellow dresses belonged to Jared's Aunt Beth. One of them...I believe the purple one Grandma Nadine made (correct me if I'm wrong Regan and Erynn) I only met Beth a couple of times before she died but I can assure you she was a one of a kind lady...which makes these dress all the more special!!! Each time these dresses has been photographed there has been a girl for each one of them.

Beth and Julia were photographed in them at 9 months,

and Isabelle and Grace were photographed in them at 9 months

I'm hoping at Christmas I might get a chance to photograph Sophia and Hadley in them....but for now it's just Sophia!!

The Red dress was mine...I wore it on my first Birthday...and many times after that!! My grandparents bought it for's always held a special meaning to me...but now even more after seeing my baby girl in it!!

Enjoy!! ~Jen

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nailgirl said...

What great pictures!