Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to School

School is back in session...the kids are happy and mommy is THRILLED!!! Today was our first day of Parents Day Out....and the Day went perfectly!!! The Kids were so excited about going to school...and about seeing Big Papa. My Grandpa Charlie meets us at school to help get the kids in and out. It's such a blessing to me to have the help...and he enjoys in more than words could tell you!! I was able to get each of the kiddos to stand still long enough this morning to snap a couple pictures and then we were off!!

I am so proud of each one of them..they are such big kids..they each went right into their class without a fuss. Samuel headed straight for the cars...Isabelle to the Kitchen and Grace well she walked around and "mothered" all the other kiddos. You see there were many tears being shead in our class today....all by other kids and Grace went around and patted back and told them it was "OK". I've never wanted a video camera in my hands so badly...it was priceless!!!

Sophia and I had a wonderful day of shopping....and then we took lunch to a friend who is pregnant with Triplets...she is almost 25 weeks and is hospital bound for the duration of her pregnancy. We had a great visit and can't wait to do it again!!

Then it was off to pick my favorite trio up. They all came running which always makes me feel good. But what makes me feel even better...being told by teacher I saw what a delight my kids are!! Kids and mom alike can't wait for next Tuesday!!

...and now for the pictures...enjoy!

~Enjoying an after school snack!! :)


nailgirl said...

Great pics to they only go once a week?

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Yep, they only go on Tuesdays!!

McTriplet Mommy said...

Holy guacamole - what happened to your *babies*??!! They are SO cute, Jen! :)


Whitney said...

How sweet. I hope my react to school as wonderfully as your trio has. I am so glad for you that you get a little break to enjoy just Sophia!


Kristen said...

So precious! You deserve the break! Congrats on having such well adjusted kiddos. You should be very proud!