Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Is there anything quite as sweet as being able to sit back, enjoy your kiddos and your hubby in the comfort of your own home?!?! That's what we've done this week...trying to get back to our normal. The kids are loving being back home...playing with all their friends each night, playing with the toys they had not seen in a few months.....I can tell such a difference in them this week!! We are still unpacking boxes and we've had workers in here all week finishing up...but after they get done the house will be perfectly beautiful!!!

With all the work still this week...the kids and I have had to be out and about more than normal...which has been interesting to say the least. On Tuesday we went to Pottery Barn Kids for Storytime...the kids all did great....and I only got about 2 feet out the door before realizing that Isabelle had a toy in her we swiftly turned around and returned it!! On the way home we stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a new toaster. Talk about being on display...imagine me with an infant carrier in one hand and on the other a string of two year olds...but once again my kiddos amazed me and were perfect in the store....but we did attract lots of looks but I'm pleased to say very few comments!!! Today we even hit the grocery store for some corn on the cob....I'm telling you with each passing day I becoming more and more confident to go out alone with all 4 kids. Tomorrow I think we may even treat Aunt Amy to lunch out!! :)

The big news of the day....our family became complete...our Bogey dog FINALLY came home. He has spent 2 1/2 month at a kennel. Now before you say poor dog...let me tell you he stayed at a place called Pete and Mac's and it's far from your normal kennel...Our spoiled dog was treated to a Suite which included a twin size bed for his slumber and a TV!! During the day he went to Daycare and twice a day he got individual time with a pet care expert...all of this paid for by insurance...A HUGE thank you to them!! I was actualy unsure that Bogey would want to come home with me after living the lap of luxary! :) The kids were thrilled to see him and he seemed equally glad to see them!!!

I'm sharing a couple pictues of the kids from today. The pictures of Sophia are what I often see as I'm trying to edit pictures while the Trio is you might better understand why I'm behind in can I resist that sweet face?!?! :) For more pictures don't forget about of 365 challenge..there is a link at the right!! :0

Blessings, Jen


Jason Lanier said...

cute kids!

I love it when I get the chance to just sit around at home with my wife and kids. I need more of that right now!

Melissa Mullinax said...

Awww...they look so tickled to be back in *their* space. Glad it's going good.