Thursday, March 08, 2007


***** Make sure you read down...this is the 4th post of the day!!:) Now pick your chin up off the ground...I know it's shocking...I'm just getting caught up!!:) ~J

A Big thanks to Aunt Amy for these cute shirts!!
So I thought I'd take a minute and give a trio update!!:) Boy oh boy are these kids talking!!! Last night Isabelle looks at my and says "Love you, Mom" THREE baby girl spoke THREE words together...and to top it off those three words happen to be music to my ears!!:)

Isabelle is still leading the pack in talking but not my far!!:) She can count to three (do you see a pattern me like the number 3!! hee hee) We've started working on our ABC's and she is doing so good....she repeats so clearly!! She can tell you without a doubt the name of each character on Seasame Street, She can tell you each one of her siblings names...and many other family members....her favorite name..Chloe!! We have a picture of Chloe on our fridge and on our stair case...and each and everytime she goes past one of those two places...she says...Hi Chloe!!:) We started working on colors...and her favorite color..the one she says the best...purple...ironically since birth Purple has been *her* color!! Isabelle by far has the longest attention span of any of our kiddos...she could sit and listen to books for HOURS...and she will sit and watch Seasame Street or an Elmo video all the way thru.....but if a show doesn't have Elmo in it she won't watch it at all....she knows what she loves at such a young age!!! And for those of you keeping up with our attempts at potty training...when Isabelle got up this morning the first thing she said was I took her in to *try*...she sat on the toliet for about 5 minutes but nothing...but honestly 10 seconds after getting up she peed on the floor...sooo close...but a good sign that she does know when she needs to go!!

Grace can also count to three but doesn't show off this skill as often as Belle. She knows most everyone of Seasame street and family members name!! She shows some interest in ABC's..but usually only when I'm working with Isabelle and Sam...not when I'm trying to work with her!! LOL Grace is a frim believer that everything has a place...and she has made it her duty that everything gets put in that place!!:) She is always picking up after Sam and Belle putting toys back, telling me where something should go, shutting doors behind me, etc..cracks me up!! Grace has become very generous with her hugs and kisses and Love you's lately...all my kids are very loving...I think after hearing I love you a million times a days and getting kissed more times than I can count it's rubbed off on them!!! BUt for now Grace gets the most Lovie award!!! :)

Sam has little interest in counting or ABC's..but I'm still trying...I think he can...but is just refusing!!!:) He does know most of the SS characters but Elmo is his hands down favorite!!! He knows many animals sounds and will deight you with those anytime you new favorite is his monkey sound...sooo darn cute!!! I can't get his to say too many names..somtimes a Grace...but usually the girls are sissy and bubba....for some reason he calls Isabelle, Sissy but Grace is Bubba...I tried talking to him and telling him that he is the only bubba...but so far he's not listening!! Jared would say Sam is a creature of habit....EVERYDAY when Jared gets home he is greeted at the door by all three monkeys..and then Sam takes him to where Jared's coat goes..and where his brief case goes. If you've been sitting and get up to get something....Sam will show you back to your seat in case you forgot where you were sitting!! Samuel has one heck of a throwing arm already...not always throwing things he should be but his aim isin't half bad!!!:)

It's hard to believe that they will be 2 in just a few short months...where oh where have my babies gone?!?! I miss the babies but I'm have to admit I'm lovin' the toddler stage (most days) Over the next few months we are going to start trying to have more one on one time with each of them...I think it's something that will be good for them...and I know it will be good for us!! Our lives are run my Schedules and structure...and that will not change...but our schedules will be a changing....I'm going to try to drop a nap, set up more playdates...get out of the house, etc. I'm soo excited about this summer we have a little girl up the street...she's 12 and wants to help...and I think Cousin Carly is going to come *work* at our house once a week as well. So many fun things on the horizon...stay tuned to read all about it!!:)


McTriplet Mommy said...

(sniff, sniff) - your babies are probably off some where with mine! Now all we have are these BIG kids!! They are so darn cute though. :) (love the shirts!)


Whitney said...

Thanks - I enjoyed all of the posts today. Hope you are having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you (and the kiddos) like the shirts. The girl's shirts look great with the pink underneath! I love that I get to see you guys waaaay more than I could have imagined when we lived 8 hours away...but I still love to read about all of their acomplishments. They are getting so big! Amy

Amanda said...

Those shirts are just so great. I love getting funny shirts for my kids to wear. Check this tops for girls.