Thursday, March 08, 2007


Are all my faithful readers in shock...THREE posts in one day... stay tuned their maybe a 4th!!:) I've been stock piling pictures and am finally weeding thru them. One of my New Years Resolutions was to stay on top of my family pictures...editing them and printing them....well let's just say as of March 8, 2007 I'm doing a VERY poor job....but I'm trying!!:)

...Ok on to the GIRLS.... Since I was little I've dreamed of having a baby girl (I think every little girl does?!?) So sometimes it's seems sooo unreal that I have THREE baby girls....I love them to pieces and cherish everyday...the good, the bad and the ugly!!! I'm very much a live in the moment kind of I'm enjoying them.....and trying really hard not to think of having three daughters thru the teenage years.
Grace and Isabelle were fortunate to have met their Great Grandma Madeline on several occasions...and oh how she loved on them. The last time I saw Grandma before she passed I was pregnant with Sophia and I will always remember her with her hand on my belly thrilled about our newest family member. I always loved being around Grandma and listening to her stories...many that we heard several times over....but I still loved them each time. One of the stories that I loved was when my Aunt Diane was born...My Grandpa wanted a girl so bad...see he came from a family of all boys and his first 2 children were boys. After Diane was born and he was informed that IT"S A GIRL....he called his mom and said "mom I finally got my girl." It makes me very sad that Grandpa never met my girls...but it gives me a little peace knowing he's looking down on me with that Grandpa smile...saying...Jen, you've finally got your girls!! :) ..Here are a couple pictures of my girls....Love. love, love them!!!

Look at the BIG baby her exersaucer!!

Sophia pooped out while eating cereal...eating like a big girl is HARD work!!

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