Monday, February 12, 2007

Talk to me moms....

I need some guidance moms about Potty training...and I thought this was the best place to go...this Blog gets some 300 hits a I know there have to be lots of moms out there...even if I don't know ya please respond!! :)

Isabelle is showing some interest in potty training...telling when she needs to be changed, I can usually tell when she needs to go...and the BIG thing (maybe not a sign shes ready but) she keeps removing her clothes, diapers...everything. How old were your kiddos when you started potty training?? Is she to young (20 months today) I'd like to train each of the kids at different that a good idea?? Is there a book you can recommend?? I *Love* the idea of no more diapers...even if it's just for one kiddo but don't want to dive in to early and get disappointed. Thanks so much to all who respond!!:) ~Jen


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! Greta is potty trained, except for at night, and she has been since about 23 months. She starting showing interest about 18 months, and I really started focusing on it around 20 months. The biggest things that I can tell you that worked for us -

#1 - Patience from mom. That might be harder for you as your attention is being pulled in more directions! But I can tell you sometimes I have to sit in the bathroom with her for 20 minutes and sing songs/read books, etc.

#2 - Taking her every morning as soon as she woke up. I really felt like that let her know the feeling of "needing" to pee, versus the feeling of already having gone.

#3 - Buying real underwear. We just told her that princesses didn't like to be pee'd and poop'ed on. They wanted to stay clean and dry, and she needed to tell us when she needed to go potty.

#4 - Playing Elmo's Potty Time on the Sesame Street website. That way I could say to her "Remember how Elmo's daddy took him to the potty...blah blah blah."

#5 - Not pushing. We cranked up the heat and ran around bottomless A LOT! That way she could go if she needed to, and if she had an accident...well...that's why I have wood floors! ha ha. Accidents are for learning...if she had one we just talked about how next time she should tell mommy...blah blah blah.

#6 - Trusting her. I remember the first time I took her to the grocery in real underwear. I was terrified. But she did it, and if she had had an accident it would have just been a learning experience.

I haven't talked to you this much in I don't know how long! But good luck!


Emily Adler said...

Hey Jen!
I tried everything with Kayla and we would have good days and bad. I finally left her alone and it happened overnight. She just woke up one morning and has done great ever since. I am convinced it happens when they make up their mind to do it. The big thing is not to push them because they want to be in control. Although she was 2 1/2 when it finally happened, I am just happy she did it before Brynn was born.

I admit that I am one of your 300 hits because I look at your website almost every day along with the "Keenan Twins" website. I LOVE seeing the pictures of your beautiful kiddos and reading the updates. Hope to see you again the next time we are in K.C. Who knows...maybe we will have another newborn if Jeff gets his way. :)

Emily Adler

McTriplet Mommy said...

From what I keep hearing - it's so much easier to train them "one at a time." Our Sullivan is showing interested, too (or I should say "was") so we got a potty seat and let him sit on it when he wants. That's as far as we've gotten! We did only underwear (no diapers) for about three days seeing if that would "jump start" things but to no avail. We're trying again soon. :) Even those three days every time he wet his pants I thought - that's twenty cents I just saved by him peeing in underwear instead of a diaper! The laundry wasn't great - he only pooped once but it was kind-of stinky!

Good luck! (and how do you find out how many hits your blog gets??)

Take care!

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Thanks so much ladies....I really think were going to try and give this a go and see what happens. I've heard of letting them go bottomless...oh how I wish I had all wood floors like you Carrie!!:)
Emily I'm so glad you chimmed in...and I'm glad you check in on should get a blog started so we can *see* your beauitful girls more often. I hope we can get together next time your in town...I'd love to photograpgh those girls!!
Kara~ you can put a tracker on the bog to see how many can see where people are linking from and sometimes where they are located...It's crazy we get hits from all over the world, Austrailia, Africa, China...and the lost goes on and on. ~J

BeckyD said...

All 3 of my kids were different (and it's been so long ago...) but you have to let them lead you. I agree, take them first thing when the wake up, in the morning, from naps, kids usually have a 'routine' time they go, if you pay really close attention (and I know that's hard)you can figure Isabelle's routine out. Then when you know it's 'her time' suggest she try to go potty, or sit on the potty chair.

Ian used pull-ups and that prolonged the process. When I took them away, and used real underware, he was done in 1 day (8 pair of underware in one day) but never an accident after that first day.

The girls had an awesome sitter who knew how to do it, and had them both out of diapers by the time they were 15 months old.

The secret no matter what you try, is you have to be consistant, always, everywhere they are. Nana's, Grandma Donna's, home, at playdates, you have to be consistant.

Hope this helps.

Janice Vandyk said...

buy them like there favorite underware, or let them pick it out, just make it special. and then in the morning just put them in underware, and if they have an accident they have to wear diapers while everyone else is still in underware. this worked with my twins, i think because they are a bit competitive. we had only a couple of accidents. I also for the first while every hour made them sit on the potty, just for them to get in the routine. Good luck. JUst don't force it, if they seem to no get the hang maybe wait a couple of months again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! I don't comment often but thought I'd give you my input beings that you asked. If she's showing interest, I'd definitely give it a try but don't pressure her. She'll give you clues if she's truly not ready. I remember being so excited when my first daughter was trained at 17 months (yes, I know this is early but showed interest and did great). I kind of half expected the same with my second daughter but she decided she wasn't interested until she was 28 months. So, don't be worried if one trains now and the last isn't trained for another year. Good luck!!
Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Ha~ I have new advice. Do not use a back up plan. We went to the lake this weekend and headed to the Outlets for the big President's Day sale. (That was fabulous by the way.) But I told G that the potty's at shopping were yucky, so she was going to wear a diaper and she could go potty in her diaper.

Well - all weekend long then she had accidents. Poor thing - I think I confused her so much! :(