Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"God Danced the Day you were Born"

My sweet baby...here are the pictures I teased you with last week!!:) I love this little girl more than words. Each of my children are so unique...they each have a way of making my heart sing. Tuesday's my heart sings a little louder for Sophia because I get to enjoy some one on one time with her. We get 5 hours just her and me and I adore every second of it!!!

Sophia is becoming our social butterfly....she likes to be up looking around, checking everything and everyone out. She is so easily entertained by watching her sisters and brothers run around like monkeys. She doesn't know a stranger and greets everyone with her little dimpled smile.

Everyone tried to figure out who Sophia looks like...and she really is a good mix of each of her siblings...it all depends on the look you get from her. Looking back at my baby pictures she favors me much more than any of the other kiddos. Her hair is starting to come in more and I'm finally ready to admit that it looks a little red..not Grace and Sam read but more strawberry blonde. How in the world did Jared and I create 3 red heads?!?! :) I think her eyes are more blue that any one elses...keeping my fingers crossed that she stays our little blue eyed girl!!

I was thinking back today that it was just about 1 year ago that I was pregnant with her and didn't quite know it yet....a wonderful surprise...our sweet miracle!!

My VERY Favorite picture of Grace and Isabelle is from their 3 month session...in this same dress and background...so I have to share it as well. My of my how my babies have grown!! :)


Emily Adler said...

She does have the sweetest little smile! All your children are beautiful!!

tsp said...

I have to agree they are all beautiful. That smile is great, so happy. I find myself excited to see them grow, but to see Miss Sophia so big already is just almost bitter sweet, it is just too fast. Love ya

Whitney said...