Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Trio is BACK!!!!!

Our family is ALL back together again!!! Jared, Sophia and I drove to Parsons Saturday to pick our favorite trio up. What a SWEET,SWEET,SWEET site those three little faces were. We were greeted with lots of hugs and kisses and little voices saying baby, baby, baby. They were all (especially Isabelle) interested in seeing their new baby sister again. We had a short but very nice visit with family in Parsons and then headed back home on Sunday. Jared and I were finally alone with all 4 of our children and we are still alive to talk about it!! hee hee All joking aside it has been wonderful...the *BIG* kids love Sophia and Sophia is learning how to sleep thru all their noise. :) Jared is off work all week so that our little family can get into a grove and enjoy one another.

I promise to post pictures tomorrow.

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Stefanie said...

click, click, click.. stomping feet, waiting for pictures..

c'mon, whaddya think you're busy or something? he he.. just kidding! I'll wait patiently!!