Friday, November 10, 2006

A little Sophia Smile...

Sophia already knows what to do in front of the 6 days old I got a little smile!!! Our little princess did GREAT at her first portrait session!! It's hard to believe she is 1 week old seems like she has been with us forever. She is the most ideal baby she is sleeping for up to 4 hours at night already!! She eats great and is a perfect angel through out the day. This week I've hardly put her down and enjoyed every minute of it!! I know next week I won't have quite as much time to love on her once Grace, Isabelle & Samuel are home!! ...and speaking of the three monkey's they celebrated daddy's birthday last night at Papa and Grandma's and Aunt Melissa was there to capture some adorable pictures. I have to admit I cried the entire time I was looking at them....I miss those three sooo much!! I think Jared and I may head down tomorrow after he gets off work to pick them up...I'm not sure I can wait until Sunday to see them!!! :) If you would like to take a peek at the kiddos M has them posted on her blog at Is it possible that they look like they grown since going to Parsons?!?! Love to you all, Jen


Melissa Mullinax said...

That is gorgeous!!

McTriplet Mommy said...

She is *so* cute! Simply beautiful. Hard to be believe you have *four* kids now!!!! :)

Your *older* three (heehee!) will be home soon enough - enjoy this time with Sophia!!!

Hope to see you soon!!