Wednesday, February 01, 2012


A new year a new attempt at blogging.  I love our really is our family journal of sorts keeping track of what I couldn't possibly keep track of all on my own...but the problem is that life sometimes takes over...the demands of the kiddos my business not to mention the house the laundry...I could go on all night!!  lol  So i can't promise I will blog everyday, possibly not even once a week but whenever I can grab a few moments you'll hear from me.  I have a ton of pictures and stories to share since I last posted...I'm thinking I may try to do a flash back Friday to share some of our favorites!!:) 
Today I was able to accompany Isabelle (Grace and Samuel too but I was assigned to Isabelle's class) to the AMAZING Kauffman center for the performing arts to see Aladdin.   It was such a fun morning!!  Now that the kids have had a little taste of the theatre all I've heard all night is when can they go back...:)

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