Monday, April 18, 2011

A way to love Play-doh....{Spring Break}

I think I share the dread of Play-doh with every mother out there.  I remember LOVING play-doh as a kid but as a mom I can't stand it...there is always such a mess to clean up after all the fun is over...and with four kids I don't really have time to clean up another I very carefully hide the play-doh away...out of sight out of mind.  Well today the kids found my hiding place in the garage...and begged to play with I let them play with it outside on their picnic table...brilliant....they had a BLAST, I had a little time to read while keeping an eye on them...and the mess was left be washed off with the next rain!!  It was a win, win for everyone!! SO bring on the Play-doh as long as the weather is nice enough to be outside!!:)

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