Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Faith Journey...

I really feel like that's what we are on right now as a family...a journey of discovery,a journey of love and most importantly a journey of learning about God and how he leads our lives each and every day.  For this Lenten season instead of giving up something we decided as a family to dedicate more time to God...we went to church each week, we prayed together, we took time out of the day to teach our children important prayers so they can better participate in mass.  Our children are little sponges and I wanted to take this time to really teach them...and I thought Lent was the perfect platform to do so.  Last week I took them to Stations of the Cross which brought about so many wonderful, insightful questions from the kids.  I love how their little minds work!!    I have since over heard them pretending that they were characters from Star Wars and they were on a *mission* to save Jesus from the Cross.  There have been questions including why God always stays in heaven and we can't see him(this was a question from Samuel)  Jared explained to him that God was always with us protecting which Samuel said...yep he has to protect us from petting crocodiles...because crocodiles are really dangerous!"  lol.    Because of our journey thru Lent I felt more connected to all the events surrounding Easter then I have ever felt and for that I am so very thankful!! 

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