Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Disney Toy Story 3 on Ice....

We had the opportunity to treat the kiddos to Toy Story on Ice thanks to a wonderful friend.  I originally turned down the tickets...the show was on one of our very busiest nights of the week, the show would keep the kids out waaay past their bedtime...with 4 kiddos I just thought no way could be go.  Well after a night to sleep on it...I decided to live in the moment...STOP worrying about our schedule...I knew the kids would LOVE the show...and they deserve to have some fun out of the ordinary treats!!   I am so glad that I changed my mind...all SIX of us had so much fun....we had GREAT seats, the show was so fun to watch and smiles never left the kids faces!!  Completely worth it!!  :)   

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