Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Valentine's Day...

Flowers from my Valentine!! :) I always request that Jared doesn't by me don't get me wrong I LOVE receiving flowers but just not on Valentine's day...they are so over priced it seems so silly. But my thrifty husband picked me up a dozen roses from Costco for $15.99....aww those are flowers t hat I can thoroughly enjoy!! :) Thanks baby..for the flowers and for not spending a fortune!! :)

Mommy wasn't the only one to get flowers each of daddy's girls got a Rose!! :)

Sam's new Gorilla....named *Samuel*

Grace's new Elephant *Emma*...a girl can never have to many elephants right!?! :)

Isabelle got a Unicorn she named *Uni*

For our Valentine's dinner we can a special dinner just for the kids. My friend Kristen gave me the idea last year and I am so glad we really had a blast...Jared and I made the kids *favorite* dinner...Spaghetti...broke out the real plates and wine glasses, lit some candles and we served them restaurant style. They thought they were hot stuff!! :) It really made the night special to them and after all isn't that what Valentine's day is all about?!?! :)

Aunt Amy had even brought us some of her shower cake which was the perfet dessert for our evening!!

Daddy's Red haired princesses..

Celebrating Valentine's day at Nana and Papa's...

Sophia adores baby Madison

I adore how close these boys are...they are a total riot together!!

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