Monday, December 14, 2009

Naughty or Nice?!?

Our yearly visit with Santa Claus...I adore that we are able to go and see the same Santa each's makes it magical to the kids that he is the Isabelle's words he is the *real* Santa all the other Santa's are just his helpers!! :) This year the kids worked really hard on their lists...cutting out toys that they hope Santa will bring them!! Santa was kind enough to spend a little time with each kiddo..truly a moment I hope they remember!!

Grace would like a new baby doll and the Disney Princess piano/vanity

On Sam's list this year...diggers and dump trucks...big surprise!! ha

on Isabelle's jeans, a Santa t-shirt and the Wowee White tiger

On Sophia's list..not much she really has little interest in toys...but she did cut out a GPS and put it on her list!! ha

...Sophia always the story teller..not sure what she was telling Santa...but I adore this showcases Sophia's personality perfectly!! :)

Dillon and Madison's turn..

Santa and Madison took a little rest together
There has been alot of talk this year about being Naughty or Nice....and overall the kids have been on their best behavior since our Elf on the Shelf, Jack arrived. But out of nowhere today Sophia told be she was just going to be on the naughty list because it was "waaaay to hard to stay on the nice list" God I love that child..she cracks me up!!


Anonymous said...

Where do you go? I haven't really done any research yet but he looks like a really good Santa- maybe he is the real one and isabelle is onto something... :)

Jennifer Mullinax said...

He is at the Great Mall. He is the best santa...and if you go during the week there is usually no wait!! :) He does this cute little thing where you would sit in the chair with the boys and he hides behind the chair with his finger on his's so cute and perfect for kids that might be scared.