Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas...Round One...Mullinax Style

Can it really be the end of Christmas weekend always seems to fly by so quickly. Our Christmas plans were a little foiled this year due to 14+ inches of snow that graced us over Christmas eve, day and Saturday. So our Christmas celebrations will be extended as we hope to finally make it to Papa and Grandma's to celebrate with them next weekend. We were so sad we couldn't make it to Parsons..but after talking to several people who had attempted the roads we decided our cargo was way to precious to risk. The white stuff is BEAUTIFUL...but I have to admit you will never here me ask for a white Christmas again!! :) ha
Our celebrations started last Wednesday with part of the Mullinax Family..we always enjoy getting together with the seems to happen so rarely due to everyone's busy schedules so we really have to enjoy the moments we can all come together!!

Isabelle is in LOVE with Blake and Julia's new puppy, Oreo. He fed her desire for her own little puppy more than I would like. ha I told her whenever she feels like she wants a puppy that I will send her to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly's!! :)

Isabelle giving Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ryan and special Godparent gift!! :) She adores them!!

Sweet Hadley

Gift time..

They are a hugging group of kids...what can I say I think they like each other!!

All the boys were busy putting toys together this year...the doll beds, Grace, Isabelle and Sophia got were a HUGE hit...and I think Sean liked his parking garage too...thanks Uncle Ryan for putting it together!!

Sophia got Uncle Mark to read her a couple stories...I tell ya she has turned into a book worm the last few weeks!!

Sam LOVES his new hot wheels track!!

Julia's Special gift from Jared and I...a little album of her 8th birthday pictures!! :)

Gracie with her God Parents..Uncle Pat and Aunt Erynn. Grace is still talking about how much she loves uncle Pat!! :)

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