Sunday, November 01, 2009

Greg's Pumpkin Patch...

I think I've said before we LOVE our neighborhood...we are blessed with some of the BEST neighbors and friends that you could ask for!! Right next door are Greg, Patricia & Beth. Well Greg decided to grow a pumpkin patch in his backyard this year for all the neighborhood kiddos. The kids have adored watching the pumpkins grow and take over Greg's backyard over the last several months Last Sunday they had us all over for a little BBQ/ Pumpkin Pickin' Party Let me tell you this was the best patch I've ever been to...Big beautiful pumpkins...surrounded by lots of laughter...and above all LOTS of love...our children love Greg, Pat and Beth so much. Greg is by far one of Sophia's favorite people in the world!! ...and I think the feelings mutual!! Thank you Russell family for ALL you do for us...and thank you for the wonderful memories that I know our children will cherish forever!! We LOVE you!!

Grace goes no where without her purse...ha

Dillon joined in the fun too!! (FYI...tomorrow is BABY day at the Stanley look for a post soon about my new niece or nephew!!:)

The kids showing Greg how much they appreciate him!!

The Russell's and the gang of kiddos!!

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