Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Smith Fest 2009

Our best friends Shawn and Amy host a awesome weekend party each year...that we always look forward to. A kid free weekend full of non stop laughter, great food...lots of drinks...I could go on and on. This year was no different....we had soo much fun it was hard to leave and get back to reality...but once we did I was so thankful to see my babies again!! Thank you Shawn and Amy for a perfect weekend and thank you to mom and dad for watching the kiddos!! Until next year my friends!!

Friday night Shawn and Amy flew in Portillo's hot dogs straight from Chicago...they were WONDERFUL!!!

The two momma's to be!! :)

My love and I :)

Is there really a better way to eat watermelon...I think not!!

Chef Shawn cutting up some of the best pork loin (as well as pulled pork) I've ever had...hats off to the chef!!

Some of the men of the weekend....(I wish I would have gotten a pic from Friday night...there were lots more Lambda Chi's)

The ladies!!

dessert...Cherries...soaked in Vanilla Vodka...YUM!!

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Amber said...

Amy is pregnant? Oh how exciting! Tell her congrats for me! Looks like you guys had a blast.