Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Days!!!

awww..the summer completely flew by and here we are back at school!! The kids couldn't be more thrilled they adore going to school and I welcome a couple quiet hours a week!! We started at a new school this year that is much closer to our house. They have a Pre-K program for the big kids and a preschool class for Sophia. Sophia is such a little sponge this has been perfect for her. This year we had the option of splitting the triplets up as there are two classes...after much thought and consideration we decided to put Sam in his own class. Samuel doesn't always talk for himself because his sisters talk for him. He has also become very our hope is that having him in his own class without the comfort of his sisters will help him mature far it seems to be working great!! :) I can't believe it just a year the tribe will be in Kindergarten...they have grown up waaaay to I'm going to do my best to enjoy this last year of having 4 preschoolers !! :)

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