Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our first Lake 1

I grew up going to the Lake of the Ozark's each was our one definite vacation of the summer and it was always sooo much fun. Boating, tubing and floating away in the lake...oh what a life!! We have some dear family friends that have a lake house and I've been anxious to get down there with the kids and thought that FINALLY our kids were old enough to truly enjoy the experience. And boy were they...we had an awesome little vacation....the kids did wonderfully around the water...and three of the four even went tubing. (those pictures will be in a later post) We got to the lake late Friday afternoon and first things first enjoyed a little fishing followed by a boat which all four our our monkey's got to drive the boat!! :) A HUGE thank you to Tom and Karen for inviting us down and showing us such a wonderful time...great memories!! We LOVE you!! LOTS more pictures coming soon...these are only from day 1...:)

All ready for our very FIRST boat ride!!

Nana and Papa came along for the was so wonderful to have the extra hands not to mention the kids adore those two!!

Sam had been talking about going to the lake for DAYS...he was especially excited to

drive the boat!! :)

Karen and Miss Gracie

Sophie's turn to drive..

Check out that smile....pure joy!!

Hey look I was on this vacation too!! Thanks mom for snapping a pic of me!!

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CarrieCae said...

Jennifer - what mile marker are you guys at? We go down almost every weekend, and we love Captain Ron's! Next time you should take the kids to Bear Bottom - for $10 they can ride a huge waterslide all day long - and there is a swim up bar for mom and dad. :)