Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How we spent our 4th of July.....

at the ZOO...we have been trying to go for weeks..but it seems like each time we plan a trip it rains..finally a dry day and we were off.

(this 1st pictures wasn't taken at the zoo...but on our way home as we drove around while the kids slept!!:)

*Gus* the Gorilla always a crowd favorite...he was a crack up he looked like he was doing yoga!! :)

Loved these *Quads*

My favorite...the Giraffe's

Miss Grace's favorite animal...she informed me after we saw the *Ellie's* that we could go home that was all she wanted to see!! hee hee

My two favorite men....

...aww the baby Chimp....we could have watched him all day!!

...out of focus and all I adore this pic of my daddy and I

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