Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our 1st trip to the dentist...well kind of!!:)

Today we took all the kiddos to the dentist for the first time....Isabelle went a little over a week ago after a little bump caused her gum to get gross and swollen...we had to go in for a re-check today so I thought why not bring everyone!!:) Well the good news is that Isabelle's teeth are fine...the dentist thought he saw a possible root fracture in her first x-ray which would have resulted in them pulling her tooth...but today all looked perfect...Thank the Lord!!

The kids did SO GOOD...but all the credit must go to the awesome office we went to...it's soooo kid friendly!! As you come into the waiting room there are Wii's for the kids and Starbucks coffee for the parents....seriously how cool is that!! :) The kids got to watch TV while they got their teeth cleaned, normally they would have enjoyed ice cream after they were all done...but can you believe the ice cream machine was broke today...so instead I took them over to McDonald's for sundae's. I'm so pleased that their first experience was so positive...they've already asked when they can go back!!

This last picture of Miss Sophia cracks me up... we took her with us today so she could watch the BIG kids but I didn't actually make her an appointment...well she had otter plans....after her siblings were done she crawled up on the chair opened her mouth and told the nice lady she was ready..."clean my teeth" Such a character....guess I should have signed her in too!! :)


Whitney Schmale said...

Looks like you went to Jenkins and LeBlanc, aren't they the best??

Anonymous said...

Celebrating the dentist with ice cream is awesome!!

Erynn said...

So glad all went well. Cute clothes too! Can't wait till we get those!

Can't wait to see you in May!