Sunday, April 26, 2009

Larry The Cable Guy

For Christmas Tania, Amy and I bought our hubby's tickets to Larry the Cable has seemed like FOREVER coming but we FINALLY got to enjoy our date night last night. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Nara...I'm not a sushi fan but I decided to try one of Jared's Sunrise Rolls...crap, shrimp I like both those things....YUM finally some sushi this wuss can eat!! :) Then in was off the Midland for Larry...I've lived in KC all of my life and never been inside this theatre...AMAZING...I'd love to get in there with my real camera!! :) Larry was amazing as we knew he would be...but the big surprise was that I enjoyed his opening act Josh Wolf even better than Larry he was awesome...and we even got our picture with him!! :)

The Smiths....


Amy and Helio Castroneves...he ate right behind us at dinner

Shawn's dinner...I couldn't eat it...but it sure is pretty!!

Larry the Cable Guy..

Josh Wolf....

Enjoying a drink at the Power and Light District!!
A perfect evening with some of our best friends!!
Blessings, Jen

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