Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Morning..

This Morning as I lay in bed with Isabelle and Samuel this is the conversation I heard...

Samuel: Isabelle is today your special day?
Isabelle: Yes I get to open Advent
S: (Getting right in her face) After it gets dark tonight it will be my special day to open the Advent. And then do you know what comes after that?
I: No
S: It will be Baby Jesus' Birthday
I: Oh and he will come to our house to open the Advent?
S: Yes...but he doesn't have a car
I: That's OK he can walk.

Yes my dear sweet children he can walk...you just believe and he can walk anywhere!! It was such a proud moment for me....they didn't mention Christmas...or Santa or presents...they talked about the true meaning of Christmas and our Saviors Birth!! I hope they ALWAYS remember the true reason for the season!!
Much Love,

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Peapodsquadmom said...

It's moments like this that make all the headaches of parenting TOTALLY worth it. You've obviously done a beautiful job of teaching those precious children of yours the true meaning of the season. Good job, Mommy!