Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Small Miracles... :)

This morning I decided to dress the girls in their new dresses (that I am in LOVE with) and attempt a few pictures....and because I know my son I thought maybe I should put him in something picture worthy just in case. Well I'm not sure I got any great ones of just the girls...but I don't care...because I got this picture of ALL the kids....just when I think I will never get another group picture of them they give me this!!! :) I can't decide whether I like the color or black and white better...what do you think!!:) Much Love, Jen


Jessica said...

OMG. Love it. They are both great. I love the color for like desktop, and definitely B&W for a wall hanging. What a Great Shot!!

Kelly said...

ooh, love it! I'm usually partial to color, but I really love the black and white. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

lesleysmeshly said...

Beautiful!! I am usually a color girl, but the black and white one wins for me this time.