Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Bit's Birthday....

I had hoped to share these a little sooner...but it's been a wild week!!:) Sophia had the most wonderful Birthday. Birthday's are a BIG deal around our house...we started the day by all going to get Sophia *up* by singing Happy Birthday to her, then came Daddy's world famous pancakes...with candles of course. Candles in pancakes is one of my most cherished memories I have of my own birthday's as a kid...I love that it has become a tradition with our kiddos!!

Sophia was blessed with a beautiful day for her birthday.....75 degrees and sunny!!:) So we headed to our favorite park to play and then to lunch!! Then came more celebrating, Cake, gifts...and then a trip to the mall with mom and dad to Build-a-Bear and a carousel ride!!

The *big* kids and I went together to Toys R Us the weekend before Sophia's birthday to buy her a was a Trip to say the least...not necessarily one I would suggest with three 3 year olds!!:) But it was so fun...the kids worked together to pick out Sophia a "Piano" from dad and mom, then the girls got her a new sleeping beauty doll....and Sam found the perfect pink car for her. IT was so fun watching them work together to pick out her presents!!

I have Birthday party pics to share as well...hopefully soon!! A Huge thank you to everyone that sent cards and gift. (Aunt Di, we used the money you sent Sophia to buy the cute clothes that her new kitty is wearing from Build-a-Bear..thank you!!) Much love to you all, Jen

**A little disclaimer...I have no sound on my computer tonight which makes picking a song difficult...I hope that I guessed good!! lol

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