Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sassy and Sweet and everything inbetween.....

Sophia Madeline...she has earned the nickname the "Tasmanian Devil" which is fitting for any of you who knew her name Grandma Madeline earned that nickname as well!! :) Grandma Madeline would get such a kick out of this little girl...Sophia is wildly entertaining....a pure ball of energy...rarely stopping for a minute. She is into everything...and still eating anything and everything she finds....dirt, rocks, chalk, candles, name it this one eats it!! She has absolutely no idea that she is only 1...she thinks and acts if she is already three.....Isabelle told me the other day that Sophia was just "one of the triplets now!!" :) Each and everyday I go to bed exhausted from chasing after her....retrieving her from on top of the kitchen table...constantly closing drawers that she is getting into....finding her hiding in closets upstairs.....she demands so much attention all the time. But whenever I am at my ends wit...she shows me that sweet side....oh my sweet lord can she be sweet...she has never met a stranger, she gives the most incredible *squeezes*....wraps those arms of hers around my neck and I'm mush!!! She is the most polite 1 year old I've ever met...always using, please, thank you and your welcome!! And oh her laugh...she has the most amazing belly laugh...and man does she know how to use it to get herself out of trouble!! She has the ability to make you fall in love with her so quickly...her personality is out of this world!!

These are a few pictures I took of Sophia more than a month ago and I'm just getting around to them. Anyone who knows me know I have to have uniformity in the pictures I hang in my I took these of Sophia to go with the pictures I took of the trio around their Birthday....everything was perfect until I realized I used a different backdrop for Little Bit...I'm going to attempt to get over that and get these printed for our house!! :)

Enjoy, Jen


Sandy said...

Sophia looks like such a big girl already, I can't believe how quickly they change and grow up! She's adorable! :)

Laney said...

Mmmmm, yes we have one of those too. And her name happens to be Sophie Little Bit too!
I did get to witness your Sophia's manners. She and her daddy scooted past me and she goes "'scuse us" and then "thank you." Soooo sweet!

Aurezalia said...

That can't be Sophia! She's too big!
Beatiful pictures... the third one is my favorite!