Monday, August 11, 2008

Antioch Park....

Our Sunday Adventure.....Antioch Park. This park has always been an awesome park. I can remembering getting to go several times as a kiddo. The park hasn't changed much (though it has been updated!!:) They still have a little city of buildings for the kids to play in complete with a jail... lots of slides, a wonderful little pond, ducks and lots of space for a picnic. We had to drag the kiddos out of there they were having so much fun!! It's been fun to watch their playing progress this's becoming much more interactive pretend play. Notice the picture of Sam and Sophia..they were playing house and Momma Grace was serving them their milk!! :)
Sophia was in rare form...she got very tired and very demanding..stomping her foot at me and everything!! Not to worry her mommy was there with the camera to capture her little attitude. :)

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Rosie : ) said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I love the reflections of the window.