Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A sneak peak for Erynn....

We just arrived back home last night from a wonderful vacation in Texas visiting Aunt Erynn, Uncle Pat, Sean and Hadley. This was our first official Family vacation and there is nowhere we would have rather gone. Erynn and I talk on the phone almost each and everyday...so being able to chat with her in person was awesome. Erynn has alwasy been like a sister to Jared and now that is exaclty what she is to me a sister, a friend...someone who makes the joys of my everyday so much more special when I get to share them with her!!
Sean and Hadley are growing so fast....our kids adored them and have asked all day today when they get to back to see them again!! While we were in town I had the privilege of *working* a little....here is a sneak for you Erynn. I knew I had some awesome pictures of the kids...and I just couldn't wait to look at them. There are so many I love....this truly is just a small sample. Love you guys...we already miss you a ton!! ~Jen


Anonymous said...

How fun for you, what a great way to spend your vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it! Amy

Jessica said...

What beauties!! Look at those eyes. How lucky for them to have an awesome photographer in the family!

Erynn said...

OMG! It's going to be sooo hard to pick when it's time to order!

gramypop said...

What wonderful pictures of our family!!! Those little ones are so precious and you captured that in the photos, Jen.

Thanks for sharing them on your blog.

Sean and Hadley's Grammy and Pop Keenen