Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mullinax Family Vacation....Volume 5

The ending of a beautiful vacation....the first of many family vacations I hope!!:) I have to admit I was slightly terrified of this trip...8+ hours in the car with 4 kids 3 and younger all of whom have NEVER been in the car more than 3 hours in one trip. One three year old that is completely potty trained, the other 2 three years olds and the baby all working on potty training...maybe terrified is an understatement. I had nightmares of our 8 hour trip turning into 16 with all the bathroom stops we'd have to make. Well I'm pleased to report I was worried for no reason...the time in the car was a breeze!! Between movies, coloring, reading, etc...the kids were entertained the entire time...and we only had to stop twice each way to potty..(and only had one potty accident) It went so great that I'm seriously already pondering our next time I think we'll hit the beach!!:)

While away we enjoyed some much needed family time. With the hustle and the bustle of our everyday it was nice to sit back and just enjoy our little family of 6 for a few days. Pat and Erynn were the best was ALOT for them to take us in for 4 days (3 nights). We are so grateful...and hope that they will let us come back each summer!!

Erynn even got me a little work while I was in town which was wonderful. We had a few mini sessions over the weekend with some of her friends. It's always fun for me to meet new clients and it was even sweeter to have Erynn along with me at the sessions!! I've already asked when she can move to KC to assist me full time!! :) Pleeeeease!! :)

After a short stop in Parsons on Monday evening for and little Papa & Grandma love, dinner, a ride on the golf car and a quick swing and showing of Isabelle's moves in the swimming pool we were home sweet home!!

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