Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mullinax Family Vacation...Volume 3

It's POOL Time!! :)

Uncle Pat and Aunt Erynn have an awesome pool in their backyard...and we spent lots of time in it. All the kids did really good in the water....they were each rather predictable. Sophia was a crazy woman...jumping in whether we were looking or not...completely fearless. Samuel jumped in great the first day, was a little apprehensive the second day and the third day we found out he loved going under water!! Grace was the most timid...preferring to hang out and kick on the tanning ledge or float around the pool with mom or dad. Isabelle....the fish....she was amazing...jumping in the pool, going under water...swimming without any help(except for the help of life jacket) all around the pool. I plan on having a post dedicated just to Isa so stay tuned!! :)

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