Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Samuel George

Last but certainly not least...our little man Samuel. It's so wildly unique experiencing a boy and girls at the same time at the same age. They are so vastly different. Samuel is ALL boy....he is awnry as can be, likes to push his limits....but knows that one little flash of the sweet grin...I melt and he can get away with it all!! :) He never stops moving or talking all day long....much like his mom and dad!! :) He loves all things with wheels and anything involving a ball. Samuel has grown so fast in recent months that the best way I can describe him is a baby colt...not always real steady on his feet...but the coordination is coming. He is still my little lover and thinks mommy hangs the moon...oh how I love my little man!!

Here are a few of Samuel's favorite things:

Toy: He still loves Lighting McQueen and Mader...and Buzz lightyear. You can always find him with a car in hand...just varies which one it is.
Book: He loves all things Dr. Seuss or Curious George
Food: This kid just likes food....he will eat pretty much anything and be happy about it. If I had to pick a favorite meal it would be his mama's Meatloaf!!
Drink: Milk or Water

Outside activity: Playing with our neighbors dump trucks and tractors (hint, hint this is what he wants for his birthday!!:)

Song: Row, Row your boat

TV Show: Diego and Max & Ruby
Movie: Cars and Ratatouille
Disney Princess: Not so much...but loves lighting McQueen and Mader :)
Color: Blue

Nicknames: Sam, Bubba, little man

Well it's 12:40am....and that makes it officially *Birth*'s so bittersweet....the last three years have flown's amazing to see how far we've come...I can't wait to see what the kids have in store for us in the next three years...I just hope it goes a tad slower!! :) We have a big day planned to celebrate their Birthday. Nana, Auntie Brooke and Dillon will be joining us as we play with Monkeys and Robins!!:)'ll have to check in tomorrow to hear more about our day. Much love, Jen


Jessica said...

Hey JEN!! Happy Birthday Mullinax Trio!! :) What a quick journey it's been... I can't believe we're into the three's now?!?! Sheesh!!

Congrats on making it so far, and making it look so easy!!

:) -jess

Laney said...

Happy official birthday guys! I love Samuel's mussed hair :)

Natalie said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Grace, Isabelle, and Samuel!!

Jeff and Natalie

McTriplet Mommy said...

Happy birthday, kiddos! Geez, I had my, "You didn't list Sam's fave princess!" smart-@$$ remark all lined up... and you addressed it! :)

Have a fun weekend!

Take care,