Monday, June 09, 2008

Isabelle Mae

In honor or BIRTHDAY WEEK...I plan on having a mini session with each of the big kids to document turning THREE!!!

First up our always spunky, determined, beautiful middle daughter...Isabelle. Isabelle has such a funny wit...she can always give us a laugh, She is slightly dramatic...which has earned her the title of "Drama" so much that sometimes Grace will even refer to her as "Drama." She has recently turned into quite an entertainer...loving to jump up on our stage (Fireplace) and sing and dance for everyone to see. I've started looking into dance classes for the fall and think that Isabelle will LOVE that!!! While she loves to dance she is also the most interested in sports right now...loves to throw, kick, name it as long as it involves a ball she's on board!!

Here are a few of Isabelle's favorite things:

Toy: Molly the Monkey is still the hands down favorite....after that her purple baby, Lilly

Book: Isabelle loves to read..her favorite book changes quite often...right now it is a Barbie book that was passed down from cousin Julia!!

Food: Pizza, Mac and Cheese and Waffles

Drink: Milk...she prefers milk over everything else!! :)

Outside activity: Riding her bike...she is the only one who has mastered peddling!!

Song: I really wouldn't say she has a favorite...she just loves to sing!!!

TV Show: Dora and Max and Ruby

Movie: Monsters Inc.

Disney Princess: Belle and Snow White

Color: Purple
Nickname: Isa, Izzy, Belle, and Drama

....and now for some pictures of our Beautiful Belle. This was the most fun little mini session I've had with any of our kiddos...she was lovin' the camera!! :)

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Laney said...

Are you sure she's not turning 13? She looks so grown up! So beautiful. And happy anniversary!