Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday pictures.....

Our favorite trio had the most perfect Birthday...starting with our traditional Birthday pancakes...topped with Birthday candles for breakfast. .....after breakfast we were off to Monkey business to meet Nana, Auntie Brooke and Dillon. The kids adore Monkey Bizness....lots of slides and endless fun!! For lunch we went to Red Robin...which was a total hit the minute we walked in because they have balloons and a TV on the floor!! :) The kids loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday to them and of course the ice cream sundae's scored big points. The fun didn't stop there after a quick recharge of the batteries...we had gifts (new big wheels from mommy and daddy and lots of fun sports equipment from Nana and Papa), a yummy dinner of pizza and of course birthday cupcakes for dessert...oh but the fun didn't end there....the kids got to stay up EXTRA late as we spent their Birthday evening in the basement playroom...because of the tornado sirens!! :)

This year was the most fun year yet...they really got that it was their Birthday...though they were a little confused as to where there party was?!?! :) Lucky for them we kept the celebration going right up to their party on Saturday!! Those pictures soon...but first I have to knock out some waiting client pictures!!:) Thanks to all that sent the kids Birthday wishes.....we truly appreciate you thinking of us and love you all!!

**The slideshows long....I know it's hard to believe but I took ALOT of pictures!! :)


McTriplet Mommy said...

I watched the whole thing... a-dorable!! Oh man... three three-year olds!! :) Scott's party Saturday was a hit, too. :)


Jennifer Mullinax said...

I'm glad his party was awesome...we missed you guys!! :) ~J