Monday, May 26, 2008

Three Rocks

With the Triplets Third Birthday quickly approaching I've been working on party invites. Here are my favorites from our "THREE Rocks" Session. Party invites should be out this week...then I can share their Rockin' invite with all of you....I love how they turned out!! :) Blessings, Jen

**I should mention that their outfits are not what I had planned in my head...they all three were to be wearing tanks so you could see their tattoo's....but because of our Crazy Kansas weather they only lasted about 5 minutes in the tanks before they were we went with it anyway....they are so cute it doesn't matter what they are wearing right!?!?! :) I have two picture pre-sweatshirts that I'll pull to share with you!! And you'll notice in the first Isabelle got the Three Rocks pose just perfect!! ~J


MaryBeth said...

These pictures are adorable!

Katie said...

How fun is that!!! You have just absolutely stunning kids!! What a fun way to celebrate turning 3. Wish we lived closer so we could book a session with you, I love your work!! Have a great week.

mom to triplet girls- 3 1/2 years old

Laney said...

I triple love the pics! Your kids rock!

Mandy said...

I just found your blog through "Four Silly Sisters", and thought I'd say hello.

I enjoyed yoru photography and your adorable subjects. I wish I oculd capture my children as beautifully as you do yours.

Anonymous said...

I know the sweatshirts weren't what you had in mind, but I almost like the pictures with them on better! It always works! Love you guys! Amy