Sunday, May 11, 2008

For Every Little Thing...I am Thankful!!

I Love being a mommy....I love every single tiny aspect of this *job* God has given me. Sometimes my job is hard...sometimes even unbearable....but our good, our Glorious days far out weigh the bad. I am living the life I've always dreamed of because of 5 very special people in my life!!! For them I am Thankful!!

For each time I hear one of kiddos call me mommy

I am Thankful!

For every tiny voice that tells me "I love you"

I am Thankful!

For every boo boo I get to kiss each day

I am Thankful!

For witnessing everyday the bond our children share

I am Thankful!!

For the unconditional love and support of my husband

I am thankful!!

For the *little things* Jared does each and everyday to make my life easier...whether it the dishes, baths of sending me out with friends for a night out.

I am Thankful !!

For the love and friendship of so many family and friends...for the support and the never ending love they show us each day

I am Thankful!

For the wonderful relationship I share with my mom...the bond we share not only makes me a better person but a better mom

I am Thankful!

For "Big Papa Tuesdays"...the day Big Papa helps the kids and I get to school. For the relationship my children have with my grandparents because of this...

I am Thankful!!

For this awesome gift of Motherhood

I am Thankful!!

For a husband that not only made me a wonderful breakfast, helped the kiddos make me cards, gave me a gift certificate for an hour and half massage....but he also picked up the camera today and captured these pictures of my beautiful children and I.

I am Thankful!!


Jessica said...

Jen!! I so envy you!! Those photos are glorious... I wish that I had some shots like that of me and the kiddos... It's so near impossible to get Jonny to pick up the camera for me.
Happy Mothers Day Jen... Keep Up the good work :)

Laney said...

Happy Mothers Day! What beautiful pictures. We tried to get some today and I hope they turn out half that good!

Jessica said...

That Daddy Rocks!! Awesome pictures! Your kiddos are gorgeous. Happy Mothers Day.

The Dairy Wife said...

I'm late, but Happy Mother's Day!

Great pictures, and hubby is quite the photographer too!


The Stephens said...

Jen!!! these are so perfect!!! You look fablous and the kiddies adorable! soooo cute!