Saturday, May 17, 2008

*Family Weekend*

I have so much to post from the last week......4 generation photos from Mother's Day, Zoo pics....the list could go on and on....but this weekend Jared and I are off to take lots and lot of pictures.....we have 12 family sessions down at Loose Park. $50.00 from each of these session is being donated to Charlie Horn's Safe Haven. We are so excited to help in Charlie's parents fight to keep metro kids safe from household dangers while at the same time creating wonderful memories for these 12 families (5 of which have triplets) . Thank you to everyone who is coming out.
After our session today we are off to help Aunt Amy celebrate Birthday #30....and then we will be back at the park tomorrow.
Thanks mom and dad for coming to stay with the munchkins!!
Have a wonderful safe weekend!!!
Blessings, Jen

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McTriplet Mommy said...

LOVED our shoot this morning. Hoping Amy's party was fun, too! We read the literature that you sent home with us - I cried. I added "Charlie's Safe Haven" to my list of "resources" on my blog.

Talk soon!