Monday, March 24, 2008

A Beautiful Easter...

Our celebration actually began on Saturday this year with Easter Vigil at our church. It was the first time I have ever been to Easter Vigil and it was the most beautiful service I've been to at our church. It held special meaning to us as well because it marked the end of a beautiful journey Jared has been on and the beginning of a new united faith for our family!! Jared was baptized and brought into our church during this was truly amazing!!!

Sunday we were joined by our families for an Easter Celebration at our house. We all enjoyed a delicious meal...and boy do I mean delicious!! We had all the trimmings...but the best part...hands down....Grandma 'Donna's chicken and noodles...and lucky us we have LOTS and LOTS of leftovers!! We enjoyed a HUGE Easter egg which the kids truly had a blast. But the best part of the day was just sitting back and enjoying our family...the kids had such a blast playing with their cousins...that's all we've talked about all day today!! :) We did miss Papa Sarg who stayed home because he wasn't feeling good and Uncle Brian who had to work...they were missed but never far from our minds!!!

To view our Easter Pictures click here

We hope your Easter was as magical as ours!! Love and Blessings, Jen


Laney said...

Congratulations to Jared!

I loved seeing your Easter pictures - looks like a fun time!

Erynn said...

Congrats to Jared! Very happy for him and your family!
Love the pictures. Good to see my nieces and nephew more often this way. They are getting to big!
Thanks for sharing your love and lives with us!
Erynn, Pat, Sean and Hadley
(aka: Sick in Texas)