Thursday, January 24, 2008

1st Birthday Wishes

Happy 1st Birthday to Sean Patrick and Hadley Marie!! What an amazing year it has been watching these two grow up. It breaks my heart that we don't live closer so we could love on them a little more. But I get to hear there sweet voices almost daily while talking to their mommy....and what sweet voices they are!! :) I had the pleasure of taking their Birthday Cakes pictures while they were in town after Christmas.....we had a BLAST. Lots of Love and Hugs and Kisses coming your way today!! Happy Birthday Sweet Babies!! And Congratulations Pat and are AMAZING parents!! The Best is yet to come!!!
Love, Uncle Jared, Aunt Jennifer, Grace, Isabelle, Samuel and Sophia!!

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Peg said...

Hi Jennifer - I love the photos you have taken of 'our' niece and nephew! The slide show is GREAT! thanks for sharing.

~Peg (Hadley and Sean's aunt on Pat's side)