Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Month....has flown by

One month from today we will be celebrating our babies First amazing that has flown by much to quickly!! Sweet, Sweet Baby Sophia...

With each and every day she is proving to us she really isin't a baby anymore. She is walking everywhere now...she is still faster at crawling but would perfer whenever possible to be walking. She's really starting to chat. She can say: momma, daddy, Nana, Papa, Bye-Bye, Night-night, rock-a-bye, doggie...and many other things that we just can't understand yet!!:) She is working really hard this week on cutting her top two teeth...I can see I'm hoping that they will break through tonight so little girl sleeps better!! :) Her hair is starting to really come in *finally*...and yes there is no doubt anymore she has RED hair too!!!

She continues to be pure joy...with the sweetest laugh..that she has been showering us with more and more lately. Her favorite game is to give me a kiss...and then I'll laugh...she laughs...and then goes in for another slobbery kiss...oh what a love!!

For family and friends please save the date...we are planning a Birthday Celebration for Sophia on Saturday, November 3 at 4pm...we hope you can make it!! More details will come with the invites!!

I'll leave you with a couple pictures of our littlest princess taken today!!


mitzi said...

What an absolute DOLL!

Butterfly Girl said...

she looks so angelic and happy.