Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4-H Fun....

The kiddos and I headed to Blue Springs last Friday for a playdate with the Baldwin Triplets. We went to a 4-H event where the kiddos go to see lots of animals: ...donkeys, calfs, bunnies, ducks, sheep, a snake and dogs. They planted sweet peas...that we are patiently watching grow. Then we all had lunch!! It was a great day...and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

A Big thank you to Aunt Amy for watching Sophia for the day so I could just have a day with my *big* kids. They kids were perfect angels for the most part....they were so cute holding hands and we went from activity to activity..I was very proud of them!! On the way home we had to stop to get diapers...and for the first time ever just the four of us hit Target...again they were perfect I rewarded them with a new Diego video...their new favorite show!!!

This was a HUGE day for me....I went to a place I'm not familiar with, taking NO stroller...and THREE two year olds. ...and we all survived...had a blast actually and I left feeling great that I can get out and do fun things like this finally....well that is if someone watches the baby!! hee hee

Thanks to Stef for inviting us...we can't wait to play with you again on Saturday!! As usual I took waaaaay to many pictures so I'm sharing in a slideshow....enjoy!! (BTW the little girls that were in our group were also triplets...they were 4 years old and cute as can be!!)


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Stef~ said...

Oh my gosh.. These are Awesome..

It was a fun time...

Ok.. so today would have been perfect for Deanna Rose and we thought it would be 110 degrees?? Who woulda thought that it would be overcast and cool..??

Hope you had a great time!