Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day

We Celebrated Father's day with a fun pack day with all of daddy's favorites!! We had a family BBQ with all the trimmings, went swimming at the AWESOME new pool in town and daddy played with four of his favorite people in the entire world!! Who could ask for more?!?!:) I often comment on what amazingly awesome kids I have...but I have been equally blessed with an amazing Husband and father for my kiddos. Jared has found the perfect combination between being a playmate to his children as well as a disciplinarian, a one of kind husband to me as well as being the support system for our family. His work is never done...and we love him for all he does!! Happy Father's Day (a little late) to all the special dad's in our lives...we hope you had a wonderful day!!

Some of my favorite pictures of the day (Warning there are alot!!:) ~Jen

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The Stephens said...

WARMIN' my heart! great pics momma!