Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Atlast..Our sweet Trio!!

After a long wait...finally a trio update. Is it really possible that my three sweet little babies are 2.....2 years old...where has time gone, what happened to those midnight feedings, swaddling, first words?!!? Those sweet little babies have been turned into crazy always on the go toddlers that are speaking in sentences!!! They keep me constantly on my toes and at the very top of my game (Unless of course I'm sick for an ENTIRE week.) Each moment as a parent is a rewarding challenge...that part never changes. But watching my children grow up before my eyes..I'll be the first to admit it just keeps getting more fun!!! Challenging at times, nerve testing almost always...but the fun at our house never dies!!! I love these kiddos more and more each day. Each one is uniquely and wonderfully different!!!

Grace Cathryn~ "Ruler of the roost"...the "other mother" and often times the "instigator." This child has me falling off my seat in tears sometimes she’s so funny. She is so full of personality and love. She is generous with her hugs and kisses and "Luv you's" I've been warned a million times about the "red headed temperament" But I've yet to see it with this sweet girl!! Grace is counting to 10 and speaking well over 50 words...and is delighting us each day with more and more sentences!! My favorite things she says right now is...Baby Sophia...she puts so much emphasizes on reach letter it makes me laugh each time she says it...which is ALOT because in case you didn't know EVERY baby and baby doll in the entire world's name is Sophia!! I had Grace at the doctor two weeks ago and every baby that came in she said "Hello, Baby Sophia"

At our 24 month check up last week Grace weighed in at: 27 1/2lbs (75%) and was 34 3/4 inches tall (88%)

Isabelle Mae~ "Funny Belle" our "Little Miss Smarty Pants" I could give you examples all day to show you how smart this child is...most days I'm just in awe of her. Her vocabulary is AMAZING!! I can actually have a conversation with her....sometimes I have to pinch myself because I just gawk at her as she dazzles me with some new phrase. She also can count to 10...and she is our little singer her latest and greatest is "Happy Birthday to you" Such a sweet voice...is American Idol in our future!??!:) She is still chugging along on this potty training thing...I've let her take the lead she tells me when she needs to go but when we get back in our house..watch out because mommy is going to take control and get her trained 100% of the time!!!

At our doctors appointment Isabelle weighed in at 25 3/4 lbs (50%) and was 35" tall (90%)

Samuel George~ My sweet, sweet Sam, our resident Car enthusiast...this kid is ALL BOY!! He likes to get down and dirty playing catch or to make his day just sit on the kitchen floor with his and roll cars back and forth. He is rarely found without a handful of cars in his hands. His Vocabulary isn’t as large as the girls...but he has made great strides in the past couple of weeks....he can talk but we've found to get him to really talk to us we have to get him away from the girls...they tend to talk for him (I know hard to imagine!!) Samuel "Curious" George....he gets into everything in pure boy style....you always have to keep a watchful eye on him!! But he is also still my little lover....and thinks mommy is the greatest thing in the world and I am still doing my best to soak it all in while it lasts!!!

Sam's Stats...27 3/4 lbs (50%) and 35 3/4 inches (90%)

So my question after giving you the kiddo’s stats....what happened to my little preemie babies who weighed in between 4 and 5lbs at birth??? ....now the doctor is telling me they could all be over 6 feet tall....WOW!!!! I'm working on actual birthday pictures we had a fun, fun day....more later!! ~Jen


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed your birthday party. We had company from CA and we were down at the lake. Looks like you all had a blast. Thanks for the update and I am glad that you are better. :)

The Stephens said...

Thinking about you tons! I hope the house saga continues to improve!

You are amazing parents to these 4 little ones and I am a mommy that looks to you knowing that "it can be done".

Congratulations on making it to 2!!