Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Easter Fun...

Friday night we colored Easter Eggs for the first went waaaay smoother then I expected...the kids did great....and we only had one egg that had to be put on the injured reserve list after being thrown into a glass and getting cracked!! lol Jared predicted that after allowing the kids to put their hands in glasses to fetch eggs that we may have a problem keeping their hands out of all glasses...and he was right....every cup I had today at one time or another today had a cute little hand in it!! hee hee. (in Isabelle's picture...she had just dropped the egg in the purple water...and she is asking "where'd the egg go?!!?" ...too cute!!:)

This morning we had another Easter Egg was an unbelievable 24 degrees out as we drove over to the school (luckily my mom came to sit at the house with the baby) It's amazing just last weekend we had the kids out in shorts and today I had to pull our winter coats and hats.....where oh where did Spring go?!?!? I hope it finds it's way back very soon!! Needless to say...the kids grabbed their 12+ eggs we ran back to the van and headed for warmth!!!

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