Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy 5 Month Birthday Baby....

I wish I could freeze time and just take a few extra hours each day to sit back and enjoy this child. She is amazing, perfect in our eyes and oooh ohh so loved. My sweet, sweet Sophia...she is such a joy!! If you would have asked me a year ago if our house our lives were missing something I would have told you no not a thing...but I would have been so so wrong...because we were missing Sophie!! The joy she brings me each and every day is what I live on. Each day is full of new discoveries and adventures for her...and how I love to watch her eyes light up as she enjoys it all!!!

Just last week she starts grabbing her toes....this is one of my very favorite things babies do. I was able to capture a couple pics of her doing it today but they are still on the memory card (and I'm suppose to be working) so you will have to wait...but I couldn't leave you without a picture of our sweet girl..so I'm sharing her Easter picture from Sunday!! (sorry you only get to see Sophia's the rest are under lock and key until Easter...or until you get a card in themail!!:)

Enjoy~ Jen


Melissa Mullinax said...

Hmmm....I'm actually needing some new pictures to frame.....;)

Jessica said...

I understand those feelings so well... Our house is empty without my sweet girls. I can't believe how full I thought my life was before they came along.
I love the sneak peek portrait... Can't wait to see the rest of your 'work'!!

Whitney said...

Enough - you are making me want a 4th!! Happy 5 months Sophia. Beautiful picture of your sweet angel. Do you want to come to Atlanta to do our year portraits!!


nailgirl24 said...

AWW great pic thanx!!

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Thanks ladies!!

M~ Just let me know what sizes!!
W~ ...#4 is soo worth it...I only wish there were more hours in the day to enjoy her and the other kiddos. Now if I could only talk my hubby into a #5!! :) hee hee And yes, I would LOVE to come to Atlanta to photograph your sweet kiddos...you buy me a plane ticket, I'll kick in some photos...and we've got ourselves a deal!! :)