Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Blessings....

Easter is by far one of my favorite holidays always has been. Chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts to a fancy dinner it's always a great time!! Being raised Catholic the 6 weeks prior to Easter are spent not eating meat on Friday's and with giving up something....for me this year I gave up chocolate....6 weeks and no chocolate...(OK I have to admit I cheated last Thursday at our Triplet dinner when I had a Chocolate Martini..honestly I forgot all about my promise to give up the brown stuff!!:) As a reward for almost making it the entire 6 weeks my mom made one of my *favorite* desserts for Easter...Next Best Thing to________(Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Tim McGraw, Sex...or now Jared Mullinax..hee hee you can fill in the blank)...Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Cool Whip and Pecans...does it get any better than that?!?! It was divine....and well worth the 6 week wait!!

So here is some useless information for ya...one time in middle school I dressed up as the Easter Bunny at our church.....it was a hoot. I'm sooo sorry I don't have any pictures to share with you of that!! hee hee

Ok on to our Easter........We had a perfect day surrounded by my side of the family...the company was great, the food was the best...eveyone had a blast...not to mention the kids made out like bandits....the Easter bunny came to our house AND to Nana and Papa's house...double the fun, double the toys!!! Can I say Elmo, Elmo, Elmo...new Elmo books, videos (including Elmo's Potty Time) boy did the Easter bunny get it right this year...the kids got lots of stuff they LOVE!!!

Despite the chilly weather that we had on Sunday I still put the girls in their beautiful, sleeveless Easter dresses for church. ...and I was sooo glad I did...besides looking adorable they provided a little entertainment during mass by going into the aisle and twirling in their dresses...they had everyone around us laughing!! ...and had Jared and I asking who are their parents!! hee hee....besides putting on a show they did great in church!!
After Church we headed back to Nana and Papa's for a day of fun!!

**The kids Easter morning checking out their loot..notice in the 2nd picture they made sure Sophia got to see what they got!! :)

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